Tuesday, December 20, 2005

DON'T Miss OUT WE HAVE A NEW FEED! Literacy Learning with Technology- Information-packed interview with Steven Sussman: examples of strategies, research, application, and materials. Upcoming Digital Resource Review Event, Podcasting Parade and Chronicle articles..... This week's Podcast FROM Teachers- Shout Out to... Mike Hetherington and his class's Panther Podcast. New web site resource from Techpod Podcast for Teachers: Who's Using Podcasting in Education and How. Send your files about how you are using podcasts in your classes to Mark and Kathy: podcastforteachers@gmail.com.
Check out all the resources and show notes available through our website! www.podcastforteachers.org

OUR NEW FEED IS http://www.podcastforteachers.org/feed.xml

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