Thursday, April 03, 2008

Episode #12 Face Book Goes Educational:Shocking, Revealing- also NCLB, Google Docs, MacBook Air and ASUS

Shocking, Revealing, Exciting Possibilities from FaceBook - to -

Google DOCS - to - NCLB – to - MacBook Air - to - ASUS PC

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Another blockbuster episode as Mark and Kathy provide shocking,TTPOD-facebook revealing, and exciting possibilities of technology uses for curricular needs! From NCLB roundup of headlines to a score of product reviews this episode is packed with not-to-be-missed help for the educator who wants to be in the know! Check out the latest about Facebook news with TTPOD and plenty of comments from the podcast family.

  • Google Docs changing Kathy’s life?
  • Virginia to leave NLCB funding behind?
  • Mark’s technology affinity has shifted away form the Mac Airbook ?
  • A new mini notebook on the scene?

These and many more questions to be answered in this revealing episode of The Teacher’s Podcast.

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Short Takes:

Face Book:


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Hardware Reviews:

Google Docs

What is Google Docs and why does Dr. Kathy swear it changed her life?

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