Friday, July 28, 2006

Techpod Podcast for Teachers Episode 31

Techpod Podcast for Teachers Episode 31


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High on Podcasting, uh..We Mean Podcasting in Higher Education:
Podcast Trends, Or NOT, Debates, and Resources

MST Experts In Schools? Debate,, Resources, Guest Interview with Dr. Heuer.

Stirring debate regarding the talent of math and science experts in industry is not the same as the ability to TEACH math and science. White House press release: Scientists and Mathematicians to teach in high schools and colleges. Emphasize mentoring and role models in math and science

Resource for Curriculum and Professional Growth: Eschool News article- Tagging is it: Social bookmarking and Furl: Storing your favorite website “favorites” online so you can retrieve your list anywhere and share the ones you want to with your friends and colleagues. Uses per Kathy: remote convenience, social information use, information management, and backup information aka preventative “head banging”?.

Resource for Podcasting: downloading sound effects for your podcasts and other educational uses. Research regarding podcasting use in higher ed uses: lectures (coursecasting), guest lectures, press announcements.

Guest Interview about podcasting in higher education and adult education: Dr. Barbara Heuer and Dr. Kathy King: Adventures in Transformative LearningSM . The power of adult learning – transformative learning - NYACCE students of the year


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