Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NEW FEED ( 2006- BlipTV -Mighty Mouse-Student Creativity-Cell Phone Video Contests and More! Student Creativity through Podcasting! Teachers lead the way! Highlighting the work teachers and students - focus on possibilities with curriculum. Doubts about podcasting? Kudos for videoconference efforts with USA Soldiers in Iraq. Keeping it simple so we can focus on teaching and learning! Student Cell Phone Camera Phone Contest Festival deadline Jan 15th at Ithaca. Mighty Mouse is here to save the day! Resources- Scholastic Kid-to-Kid News,, Our Media, Radio Willow Web, Eschool news, PFT Elibrary A Podcasting FIRST- listen in to hear Kathy's stunning revelation! Resources, shownotes and more at Shout out to students and teachers across USA and Japan! More PFT out-takes to come in 2006. Full resources available (C) Fordham RETC, King & Gura, 2005. PFT's name and content is developed, produced and (C) by Fordham RETC. Email comments and questions TEL (206) 20-20-PFT
Please join us on the NEW FEED (

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