Monday, December 26, 2005

Techpod Podcast for Teachers 2005 Final Episode 18th! 12/26/2005

Rock 'n Roll! Champagne, Canines and RoboDogs: Are they Real or Are they Memorex?,

Creativity Unleashed thru Robotics; Podcasting Progress in Education; We are NOT a Nation Online

Podcast Education Use Overview- Mark gives Shout Out to students across the world from student campaigns, sports broadcasts, newscasts and oral history.
MP3 File

Podcasts as professional development needs.

Resources: E-school News- Computers and Student Success! Data and study released - Kathy goes into a rant!

Kathy Schrock website's wealth of educ. resources.

Interview: Vision Education and Media: Laura Allen: Building on the vision of Seymour Papert: Unleashing Creativity across the Curriculum with Robotics.

Holiday party insights, the Idog and TIVO as "teachers"- technology adoption trends observed.

Predictions?? And Hopes...

Closing Song Special for 2005: Rock on! The Revolution's on from "The Podcast Song."

Resources, shownotes and more at

Email comments or phone them in to (206) 20-20 PFT (C) RETC, King & Gura, 2005. &"Live from the Bronx! More Ed Tech You Can Use Today and Tomorrow!"


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