Thursday, February 16, 2006

PFT Episode 24

PFT Episode 24 Engaging, Enraging and Empowering! From Higher Ed's Frustration with the New Millennials to..... Career and Technical Education In Action!
Enraging The impact of, on higher education classrooms? And educators saying online learning is unproductive? Mark and Kathy discuss student, teacher, classroom and technology issues! Rants and raves abound.
Engaging -What are some choices? Changing teaching and learning? Voting with their feet? Engaging students about choices and technology use? Take a look within your classrooms and see how they compare to articles in the New York Post, Educause, Chronicle of Higher Ed, and Chicago Times.
Empowering: Interview with Dr. Susan Biro: Modeling integrating technology for students, teachers and parents: Students: Career and Technical Education day showcasing vibrant student learning workplace skills- virtual enterprise, business, engineering, journalism and media production. Parents and Teachers: RETC Computer Testing Center, Dept. of Justice grant to serve Bronx community in career awareness, technology skills and certification for teachers, parents and students (ComptiA, Prometric, A+, IC3, MOS, N+, etc.). Sharing resources among CTE schools and programs. Listen to clips from companion broadcast PFT Community Podcast interviews with students from the First Annual Bronx Business/Career and Technical Education Forum Breakfast hosted by Fordham University's RETC at

Shoutouts to listeners: Susan Manning and the podcast.
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