Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Podcast for Teachers 21st Episode 1/16/06: Converge or Diverge! We Caught a Live Digital Native! Youth Culture- Millennials' View of Tech, Blogging, Literacy and More! Interview with College Student, Seamus. Picking up the challenge? Educators' view- Article by Jeff Pointek. Web 2.0 explained- how the web is different- this isn't your mother's hyperlinked web anymore! Resources of articles, blogging sites and differences, articles and controversy on tech and literacy connections? PFT Elibrary Resources, shownotes and more at Full resources available (C) Fordham RETC, King & Gura, 2005. PFT's name and content is developed, produced and (C) by Fordham RETC. Email comments and questions Call in comments to TEL (206) 20-20-PFT

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