Sunday, February 05, 2006

Episode 23!!! Extraterrestials? Podcast roadtrip, Powering-up your teaching with Web 2.0 dimensions!

Mark and Kathy guide listeners to more Free Resources for teachers and students
Putting the power of tech to work for Inquiry Based Learning, Ribit; History, Tielabs, and TaC Teaching and Curriculum Database (How to use primary sources, curriculum to use and add to)
Terrestrial radio meets podcasting possibilities! Extraterrestial radio/podcasting?
Is Mark's prophecy fulfilled? PFT listeners tell us about personal and professional discoveries- Shoutouts to Ginger and Jim!
KPK on the road- Introducing podcasting to educators- the Adult education state association community podcast- hosted by PFT- NYACCE PFT Community. GED and ESL programs go HITECH with PFT.

Interview with John Raymond, the man behind the creation of PowerIT ed tech tools- teaching and learning innovation unrolls! Guest interview with this ed tech educator and innovator, provider of, for websites, for school and district solutions along the theme of Web 2.0.

First PFT Video Episode released- (see below)
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