Sunday, January 22, 2006

PFT Episode 22

Virtual Education EVERYWHERE! Yet it's ILIFE 6.0 and Live from the Bronx?
Join Mark and Kathy and explore Science and Tech, Math Impact, Contests, Clicks, Bricks, 21st Century, Wiggles and PODCAST Wrinkles!

Details: Cutting Dissections? Science tech simulations; News from listeners; Best Podcast Contest from PFT and RETC; Ed Tech conference with major PODCAST Wrinkles: Tech To Go V! Conference April 1 2006 Call for Presenters and More Information at

From Chinese language learning across the USA, Beijing-Fordham University partners, to virtual schools; A world in crisis- Info Tech and MST Crises and "Math Rocks Your World," explore the scope and meaning of Ed Tech You Can Use! Join cohosts Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King.
Call in your examples of podcast uses and ed tech tips to play on the air! THANKS TONI - You can hear her podcast for teachers tip on Just call-in and leave a voice mail at TEL (206) 20-20-PFT and we can share you comments too!

Abundant resources, shownotes, contest information, conference details and more at PFT Contest webpage: podcast awards.htm
PFT Elibrary- Plenty of ed tech audio, video and articles from PFT and RETC:
Let your cohosts Mark and Kathy know how you use podcasts with your students and email your comments and questions to
PFT's name and content is developed, produced and (C) by Fordham RETC, King & Gura, 2006.

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