Friday, July 28, 2006

Techpod Podcast for Teachers Episode 29

Techpod Podcast for Teachers Episode 29

Digital Video: Access for All, $100 Laptop Part 2, and Dogsleds!


Video content from National Archives and Google, also IPTV for Ed (Enews article). Streaming video, videoblogging-

National and international issues with server information and government access.

Beyond technology to Learning and Empowerment: $100 Laptop Discussion Part Two of "School One Laptop Per Child Initiative"- Guest Experts: John Adamo and Albert Robinson.

Laptop Tsunami, vast proliferation of digital devices leading to toxic waste: Call for responsibility in computing and digital electronics. (Plug In to Ecycling at

Shout Out- Way Out! to Alaska: Anchorage, Homer and Yukon Island. Wells Fargo Iditarod race teacher connects to the classroom- dogsled race across Alaska, curriculum connections, Internet tracking, physical education, personal development.

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