Thursday, February 16, 2006

Techpod PFT Episode 25

Techpod PFT Episode 25

Controversy, Learning and Budgets! Math, Science and Technology, Critical Thinking, Contradictions, and Thinking Further: From Funding to Advanced Student Learning through Student Robotics Teams! Increase MST, but Cut Tech! US ed tech funding cuts versus MST mandate? Careers occupational data disparaties across national reports. PDF Article on podcast website- Digital Media by Mark Gura. INTEL's Digital Media Think Tank to advance educational thinking, Center for Digital Education, report from Mark. The New Converge Magazine Available in print form including Mark's article about digital media, "Late to Class" (you can download this article in pdf form from the PFT website).

NYC-wide Student Robotics Competition report from Kathy: 135 teams, 2 days, and RETC award from First Lego League
Photos and Videoclips c/o PFT !!!

Interview with Norm Scott of FIRST, the First Lego League, 5,000 teams worldwide. Describing "Sporting event for the mind" - depth of student learning,team project assignments, support and excitement. Staff development support in Region 4 of New York City. RETC providing staff development in robotics in Region2 and NYC. Share your comments!

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