Monday, December 26, 2005

Techpod Podcast for Teachers 2005 Final Episode 18th! 12/26/2005

Rock 'n Roll! Champagne, Canines and RoboDogs: Are they Real or Are they Memorex?,

Creativity Unleashed thru Robotics; Podcasting Progress in Education; We are NOT a Nation Online

Podcast Education Use Overview- Mark gives Shout Out to students across the world from student campaigns, sports broadcasts, newscasts and oral history.
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Podcasts as professional development needs.

Resources: E-school News- Computers and Student Success! Data and study released - Kathy goes into a rant!

Kathy Schrock website's wealth of educ. resources.

Interview: Vision Education and Media: Laura Allen: Building on the vision of Seymour Papert: Unleashing Creativity across the Curriculum with Robotics.

Holiday party insights, the Idog and TIVO as "teachers"- technology adoption trends observed.

Predictions?? And Hopes...

Closing Song Special for 2005: Rock on! The Revolution's on from "The Podcast Song."

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tech Turns the Tables! Learning technology innovation from young people, or, Keeping up with the "Millennials"(today's youth and younger adults) in the mad, mad race to keep up with tech-- Teachers as learners- Podcast Tips: The power of subscribing; Blogs in the News: in the media, in student lives, how about more in education? Face An insider's view of this popular and extensive college (and high school) community. Is it an online, neverending "yearbook"? or an all-night student union? How can we capture this momentum for teaching and learning?
Featured Special Guest Interview- Camille LoParrino, an inspiring, web-empowered teacher, shares how she has been maximizing technology for her own professional development. Catch on to her tricks, enjoy her excitement, and share this podcast with your colleagues.. Let's spread the ed tech and podcasting pd wave. PFT Highlighted Teacher Resources- Ed Tech Talk,, and Let your cohosts Mark and Kathy know how you use podcasts with your students: Email: or Tel: 206-20-20 PFT.

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DON'T Miss OUT WE HAVE A NEW FEED! Literacy Learning with Technology- Information-packed interview with Steven Sussman: examples of strategies, research, application, and materials. Upcoming Digital Resource Review Event, Podcasting Parade and Chronicle articles..... This week's Podcast FROM Teachers- Shout Out to... Mike Hetherington and his class's Panther Podcast. New web site resource from Techpod Podcast for Teachers: Who's Using Podcasting in Education and How. Send your files about how you are using podcasts in your classes to Mark and Kathy:
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Guerrilla casting, Gcasting, podcasting, and Upcoming Digital Resource Review Event! Marks up to digital tricks at the faculty developer conference, he set up the podstation and started interviewing. This is a great experience we get to hear in action! Find out what an Extreme Object Lesson is!
Exclusive interviews with several educators from around the country. And our first Podcast FROM Teacher segments! John shares benefits his students’ gain from podcast work and Barbrara shares her work with her class in NYC. Lots of people to hear and learn from again this week. Thanks to each interviewee and the PODNetwork for our Innovation Award!
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Student and Robots Rule! Exclusive Interview with Gary Israel, Robotics coordinator for Region 2 schools, 45 teams, in the Bronx, NY. Discusses student robotics benefits, curriculum, teams and competitions, grades 4- high school- First Lego League and US First Robotics.
And there is more...Bots in the Bronx Competition happening Dec 17, 2005 at Fordham RETC- podcast to come! Podcasting learning tips- the battle of the echo, the mystery of missing podcasts??? News article: merits of "portable lectures", is that all there is?
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Exclusive Interview with Bernard Percy, international speaker, author and former editor in chief of the innovative educational technology journal, Converge Magazine. Critical topics introduced this week- How do teachers and parents deal with students' focus on advancing technologies of all kinds? What can their perspective be and what can they do? Quotes to listen for: "What is your legacy?" "Pushing at the edges" "How do we prepare students for their futures?"
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